The Best Career Advice I Received

Martin Pattinson Advice, News

I was fortunate to benefit from some great career advice back in the early 1990s which had a profound influence on me and my work. It dictated the opportunities I pursued in my professional work. And it means I have, for the most part, enjoyed a fascinating, rewarding and enjoyable work life. Today it still influences me.

So what was that advice? Simply that I was beholden to no one except myself, my family also, and I should follow my ambitions, take charge of my career, enjoy myself and make an impact. Some may dispute my achievements but I have lived by that advice and enjoyed several different but inter-related careers, today I am on my fourth career. I feel it has been a natural progression and I have had no regrets.  

And when I talk to my family and my work colleagues today, I check in with them to make sure they too are getting the returns they are seeking. I am passionate about this. I don’t mean just the financial returns, but also the personal fulfilment, the sense of contribution, of supporting colleagues and personal and team-wide achievement.

So how do you feel about your career, especially right now in these difficult times, do you challenge yourself and can you talk to someone to get help if you want it?