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Ensuring your people and systems are seamlessly working together to achieve your ambitions or plan.

Imagine your business is a set of whirring cogs, like a watch mechanism. When all is good and the mechanism is properly maintained and oiled, it will work fine. But if not maintained, or the oil has congealed then the mechanism will break down.

Your business works the same. When all stakeholders are aligned, there is a clear vision and the systems, IT and other, are working and working together well then you will have a successful business, other considerations and issues aside eg finance, pricing, competition etc.

Stakeholders include your work colleagues, your clients, service providers, shareholders or partners and importantly today Society as a whole. I will talk more on stakeholders in a future blog.

Over recent years, the importance of good effective IT and systems has become paramount – legacy systems and bundling together out of date systems expecting the result to work have been challenging for many companies. But when it works it transforms businesses, bringing huge efficiencies and effectiveness.

Are your people and systems aligned, are there breakdowns, should you undertake an audit to identify where the problems lie, how can you align all to your strategy – if you would like an independent perspective and challenge please contact me.