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The purpose or vision of the business and the tactics and strategy to fulfil that purpose.

A business requires a strategy, a vision, a purpose – it guides and drives the business. Without it the business will be lost.

But it, and you as an SME business owner or senior manager, need to retain flexibility. The strategy sets the long term goal. But you need to carve a flexible tactical approach as to how you achieve that long term goal, which in itself will be evolving over time.

As events present themselves, sometimes daily or frequently, to disrupt your path to achieving your strategic ambitions, you will need to change, adapt, flex, review, or turn back and adopt a different path to success.

At no time is this more relevant than right now. As we come out of the pandemic, many SME business owners and senior managers will have been reviewing their plans, their markets, their customers, their proposition and trying to identify the new path they need to take to achieve long term success.  

Can you do this on your own, do you have the people around you to help and contribute? Perhaps an adviser could be a valuable addition to your team to provide that independent perspective and put your business back on that path – if this makes sense to you then please give me a call.