Improving Communications to All

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Reducing risk in your business to help you mitigate the impact of Coronavirus: IMPROVING COMMS TO ALL

Often overlooked but critically important, as a business owner you should communicate updates on your business with all your stakeholders during these difficult times. Not hearing from you or receiving the latest updates can be unsettling and lead to a conclusion that not all is well.

Putting in place a communications plan would include:

  • Setting and agreeing an agenda on key topics, to be distributed in advance
  • Deciding the frequency of communication programme and how questions will be addressed
  • Agreeing VC versus phone, or email, but it must be robust
  • Consider non-verbal signals – body language, dress code, backdrop and background noise
  • Anticipate flexing the agenda and content as circumstances dictate
  • Stakeholder groups could include, shareholders, staff, customers and service providers.

In moments of down-time be productive, talk to your stakeholders, undertake more training, review markets and competitors and start planning for when we are over this pandemic. If you would like any help or an informal conversation, please get in touch: