How an independent adviser can help you and your business.

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In my last blog, I talked about the benefits for an SME owner or senior manager to retain an independent adviser – to help overcome their challenges and achieve their ambitions. Or simply to provide that independent view, voice and reassurance – economically in terms of time and cost.

You may feel all is going well, but you may not have considered certain aspects that could cause harm to your business, thereby causing unnecessary risk.

But what are the kinds of issues or challenges that you may need help with?

When I start working with a client I find it helpful for us to review all areas of the business so that I can understand all the facets and to capture the areas of concern or potential unrealised opportunity. To facilitate clarity and impact I recommend we review and break the business down into 5 clear areas, being the 5 Ps, as follows:

Philosophy – the purpose or vision of the business and the tactics and strategy to fulfil that purpose

Process – ensuring your people and systems are seamlessly working together to achieve your ambitions or plan

People – engaging with your team and all stakeholders to ensure their wellness and the on-going sustainability of your business

Product or Service – identifying and reinforcing the differentiating features and the benefits of your product or service in your market

Price – Competitively positioning your product or service in your market and so ensuring you achieve sustainable revenues and profit.

Over the coming weeks I will provide further colour to each of these topics in separate blogs.

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