FocusFive: providing SMART business advice

Martin Pattinson News

Launched in May 2019, FocusFive is a new business advisory service for company owners, directors and partners based in the Home Counties and London.

We were formed by Martin Pattinson, who has a passion for helping people to achieve success. With over 35 years of commercial and financial services front office experience spent in the UK, North America and EMEA, Martin has extensive knowledge of running businesses, focussed on developing and implementing growth strategies, leadership, people, relationship management and marketing activities.

We believe our approach is different for the following reasons:

SMART business advice
We use SMART metrics (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) to provide honest, pragmatic and cost-effective delivery of our business advice services so that you have access to an adviser and/or mentor who is as passionate about achieving success as you are.

Client’s businesses can be broken down into what we call the 5P’s: philosophy, process, people, product (or service) and price. We work with each new client to gather a clear understanding of their business, by addressing each ‘P’ in turn, and helping them develop SMART strategies, which have to be flexible and adapt to new circumstances as change takes hold.

Challenges are opportunities
At FocusFive, we help you achieve your full potential and build a resilient future by overcoming challenges you may face and turning those into genuine business opportunities. As this is a new business start-up, we’d love to meet you and be introduced to contacts you feel would benefit from our service. Please contact us for more information.