Do you work ‘in’ or ‘on’ the business?

Martin Pattinson Advice, News

This has been a much talked about topic in recent months as the owners and senior managers of businesses have appreciated the need to focus on ensuring staff and colleagues are doing ok.

These colleagues are the backbone of your organisation and, depending on their circumstances, may not be coping under the current work regime – not just due to their physical environment but also due to their mental well-being.

For senior managers and owners, it’s important to recognise this, to re-focus more of your time and energies away from working ‘on’ the business to working ’in’ the business. Regular contact, greater transparency as to how the business is doing, ensuring colleagues physical work environments are as good as they can be and putting in place a series of support programmes are all critical to improving the well-being of colleagues.

How much time do you spend working ‘in’ the business versus ‘on’ the business? There is no one answer and it will depend on circumstances.

How do you manage this and do you want some independent advice to help you?

Martin Pattinson