Delivering Business in a New Way during Lockdown

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Reducing risk in your business to help you mitigate the impact of Coronavirus.

So is it possible to continue delivering your product or service when we are in lockdown? For some businesses it will not be possible, but there are plenty of examples of companies adapting to the new status quo, this takes imagination and creative thinking. Examples include:

  • Consider alternative manufacturers which are not affected by the lockdown, maybe look abroad.
  • Distribute your products to a new market, not in lockdown.
  • Adapt your production to products that are in demand and can be distributed.
  • If appropriate offer your services or products to a market that is still operating eg Government.
  • Consider viable logistics and distribution alternatives.
  • If you offer a service establish an effective remote working and embrace the new order.

So try to be nimble, flexible and reactive to these difficult times, and learn for the future.

And in moments of down-time be productive, talk to your stakeholders, undertake more training, review markets and competitors and start planning for when we are over this pandemic.

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