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Reducing risk in your business to help you mitigate the impact of Coronavirus.

BEING AS EFFECTIVE AS POSSIBLE: New ways of working are challenging us all, often in a good way, and many of us may decide to change how we work in the future. Virtual meetings are the new norm. But can we still be as effective and productive as we were before the pandemic, some companies will not but many can adapt.

Some areas of focus could be:

  • Ensuring that certain aspects of your business – the physical premises, the data, the systems and the infrastructure are as secure as possible and meet regulatory requirements to enable you to continue working with confidence.
  • Continued investment in IT, systems and infrastructure to facilitate effective remote working
  • Supporting colleagues who are struggling with the isolation and change in working practice that can result from remote working –
  • Understanding that each of us will have remote working preferences
  • Working with all stakeholders to try to achieve a business as usual approach.
  • In moments of downtime be productive, review markets, competitors, and start planning for when we are over this pandemic.

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